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Metropolitan Transportation Plan




  • 25-year plan for federally funded transportation projects programmed for implementation. ​
  • Financially Constrained​ – Includes only projects that feasibly fit into the allocated funding.
  • Planning horizon: 2023-2050​
  • Projects must be in the MTP or address the goals or performance measures to be funded through the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Quick Links

Endorsed Metropolitan Transportation Plan

MTP Projects Explorer

Draft Vision, Goals, Objectives & Strategies

Phase 1 Public Comments Miro Board

August 23 MPO Meeting Presentation

July 26 MPO Meeting Presentation

June 28 MPO Meeting Presentation

May 23 MPO Meeting Presentation

MV Vision Questionnaire Data Presentation

MV Vision Kick-Off Meeting

Our Process

Phase 1 | June – Sept. 2022

  • June 9 – Project Kick-off
    Community Events
  • June 3 – SALSA Event, Lawrence
  • July 23 – Farmers’ Market, Andover
  • Aug. 2 – National Night Out, Methuen
  • Aug. 11 – Pa’Lante Project, Lawrence Public Library
  • Aug. 27 – Farmers’ Market, Haverhill

Phase 1 of our public engagement process is an introduction to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan and an opportunity for the general public to share their input on the future of the transportation network in the Merrimack Valley. We are scheduled to attend 4 events to gather input in various communities and we are open to scheduling more. Please reach out if you have an event or meeting at which you want us to present.

Phase 2 | Oct. 2022 – Jan. 2023

  • Municipality and Community Organization Engagement
  • Public Input Sessions
  • Office Hours Individual Municipalities
  • Subregional Public Input Sessions
  • Issues Based Sessions

Phase 2 synthesizes the input gathered during phase one with additional data elements that we collect into a more targeted outreach with municipalities and community organizations. During this public engagement phase, we will be looking to discuss specific projects, objectives, and other elements of the plan with municipalities, issues based groups, and subregional groups.

Phase 3 | Feb. – May 2023

  • Official Public Hearings and Review of Drafts

Phase 3 is the formal public hearing process for the draft report. Once we have synthesized all the information we gathered over the summer and fall months, we will compile a draft report that will be open for public comment.

The data we collect throughout this process is vital to shaping the objectives, strategies, performance measures, and projects that will be included in the plan. The data tells the story of the current state of the transportation system – its accessibility and its barriers – and how we can improve the system for all modes of transportation.

The objectives, strategies, performance measures, and projects that are included in MV Vision 2050 will influence the studies, planning efforts, and other work we do at MVPC. The projects that are included in the plan are then eligible to be funded by the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP is a 5-year funding program developed by the Merrimack Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MVMPO).

Objectives, Strategies, Performance Measures, and Projects that go into the plan are eligible for funding through the transportation improvement program