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GIS and Information Technology

GIS & Information Technology

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Regional GIS Center at your service 

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology is a science that integrates the location of a real-world feature with user-defined characteristics to map, analyze, and assess real-world situations. Geography is inherent to GIS as the data always references actual locations on the earth. While still an emerging technology, GIS has advanced from command-line, workstation-based software to cloud-based tools and mobile applications over the last 20 years—making GIS a helpful mechanism for planning and municipal data development.

Serving as the Regional GIS Service Center for northeastern Massachusetts, MVPC provides GIS services and expertise to each of our 15 cities and towns. Our GIS Program has a suite of software and equipment to meet the needs of an evolving technical landscape and is staffed with three full-time GIS professionals with professional certifications (GISP). GIS is an invaluable tool to assist planning efforts and increases efficiency across the region – let us help you navigate the way.


We offer a suite of data viewers and mobile applications that enable users to access and edit GIS data while in the field. These applications serve as portals to the wealth of data managed by MVPC and are designed for easy operation by all users.


Our GIS staff are well-versed in the principles of map production and cartography and have demonstrated experience mapping everything from invasive species locations to municipal infrastructure. Using a suite of software tools, MVPC produces state-of-the art maps and graphics on a daily basis supporting our programs and our communities


Navigating maps and apps can require a broader understanding of GIS and mobile applications. MVPC’s GIS staff provides hands-on and web-based training to fully equip users for the successful operation of all of our systems and services.

Ongoing Support

The work of the Merrimack Valley Planning Commission is made possible thanks to an annual grant from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) under the U.S. Department of Commerce. EDA seeks to drive innovation and competitiveness, preparing American regions for growth and success in the worldwide economy. We are proud to work with EDA to support and promote business within our region.

Project funding comes from a variety of sources for federal, state and local projects and fall within six major categories: