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MVPC leads the country in acquiring and utiliizing oblique aerial imagery—we’re proud to be the first regional agency to acquire Pictometry imagery for use within the entire region. This imagery provides a unique, oblique-angle view from all four points of the compass. Many of our municipalities find Pictometry images and online viewer an invaluable tool in their daily functions. From planning to public works, the ability to visualize and analyze any location, using unique views and angles, from the computer desktop is an excellent resource.
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Years of acquired imagery:
*Mothers Day Flood



Oblique refers to the angle at which an image is captured. Unlike traditional satellite (top-down) imagery, the planes capture high-resolution images at a 40-45 degree angle, rendering structures and objects easier to identify and analyze. By capturing images at this angle, Pictometry imagery reveals greater detail, enabling users to see different views of structures or areas and notice relevant details such as street lights, fire hydrants, etc.

See the Training page for tutorial videos of the new Pictometry CONNECTExplorer!

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