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Mobile Applications keep the data you want at your fingertips while out in the field. Whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, mobile data collection allows you to collect and edit data anywhere. There are many different uses for this technology, check out below how our communities benefit from it.

Newburyport Plum Island Sewer Application

During the winter of 2014 - 2015, Plum Island experienced numerous sewer issues due to the historic snowfall. Working with the City of Newburyport, MVPC GIS Staff created the Sewer System application as a response to help better manage the vacuum sewer system. The benefit of this application is that once an initial inventory is established the maintenance of the entire sewer system is more easily managed by the City’s DPS staff. Now information such as flow, condition and house connections can be associated with each layer of information.

Haverhill Sidewalk Application

A sidewalk application was made for the City of Haverhill. Highlights of this application are the ability to record which street the sidewalk is located on, the surface type, the width, along with many other attributes. Most importantly, the conditions of the sidewalk can be collected to help locate areas that require maintenance.


Lawrence Restaurant Applicationrestaurants-150x150

The City of Lawrence was interested in collecting a catalog of the city’s restaurants so in response MVPC created the Lawrence Restaurant App. The goal of this project was to collect basic information about the restaurants within the city. Important attributes collected include ownership and contact information, operation status and if permits have been acquired.


Regional Stormwater Application

MVPC created a regional MS4 stormwater application for the Merrimack Valley. The idea is that a better understanding of the system will assist in crafting stormwater management procedures in the future. Notable features include manholes, catch basins, outfall pipes, and ditches.



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