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    Growth & Resources ]

    We are your trusted advisor.
    MVPC plans for the strategic growth and development of the Merrimack Valley, and allocates the use of its critical, valuable resources.

  • develop

    Economically & Regionally ]

    We are your advocates for innovation. MVPC develops the region and its communities economically, efficiently. With an eye to the future, we pioneer new ways of doing things.

  • promote

    Community & Collaboration ]

    We are the hub of the Merrimack Valley.
    We promote community and regional collaboration and innovation, uniting our entire region. Let’s grow and develop together.

Merrimack valle leo Commissio 160 Main Street Haverhill, MA 01830 p: 978.374.0519    F: 978.372.4890    E: info@mvpc.org
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